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Saturday, August 26, 2006


Thursday, October 20, 2005

This week Fondwa welcomes another 'koperan' (foreign worker), my friend Dan Schnorr. Dan graduated from Notre Dame with me in May as a Pre-Med and Philosophy major, minoring in travel, peace, and rabble-rousing. He subsequently became an official employee of the Federal Government as a firefighter in rural Nevada. Hopefully he won't have any need for his new-found skills in Fondwa, but it was probably good training for the rough-and-tumble life of rural Haiti.

When he arrived on Saturday, Dan had a typically Haitian introduction to his new surroundings. American Airlines managed to lose his luggage between
Boston and PAP, forcing us to survive for three days on my day (note: singular) pack. We were more than relieved to go pick his bags up at the airport on Monday.

The picture above is from Dan's first experience of our working conditions in the
APF Center. As you can see, he is adapting just fine. Nou oblije (we're obliged). He is very talented and a quick learner, so I'm sure he will soon be making a big difference in the work of the APF.


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